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Hi, my name is Dominic Acia. I’ve been tuning cars since 1993. My first experiences were with an old 1973 Pontiac GrandAM. 462 cubic inches, 540 HP and 10MPG. Everyone knows you can extract big power out of big engines, but what’s the cost? Besides the immediate monetary investment of building a high performance engine, poor gas mileage is the source of an everyday expense. If you are at my site now, chances are you love to drive. You probably enjoy the thrill of acceleration, the blur of high speeds or the lateral g’s from carving the road. There was a time when you needed a different vehicle to do the above AND get good gas mileage. That time has passed.

458whp and 28MPG

Two terms that rarely went together until now. With today's sophisticated technology we are able to squeeze more power out of small displacements with a high level of reliability and economy.

Reliability is a big theme here at GetaDomTune. My old partner, Craig Woolman, and I have built Subaru engines for aircraft and professional race teams. Nobody needs reliability as much as pilots and race car drivers. Combining our experience both in the air and on the track gives us the ability to make some of the most durable, long lasting Subaru engines in the country. I can say with confidence that our level of care and attention to detail is rarely found in this industry. We hope to set the new standards to which others are judged.